David Chamberlain | The Eldritch Pen

Art has always been part of David’s thinking; he drew as a child, and built models as a teen, and worked as a graphic designer in his later years, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that he found himself with hours and days to contemplate life and art. So, with little hesitation, he found the tools to begin an expressive period that hasn’t ended. With many pieces completed and photos taken, he finds that surrealism is the most appealing part of his artistic makeup and he always try to find a new and possibly disconcerting angle to approach the work at hand.

Technically, David often uses foam sponges and large washes of watercolor to get a mass upon the paper, and then he often uses a slim brush to fan the colors into a shape that might be marine or terrestrial, and then the blunt end of the brush is used to impress the wet paper and to create channels for the paint to follow. When the watercolor dries he adds highlights and tones with colored pencils to hopefully achieve a painting with depth and contrast. Photographically, David mostly goes for the same effect as his paintings, and hopes to achieve an otherworldly effect when using illumination and magnification to  create something new or curious.

David hopes you find some amusement with his work and also hopes that you can find some time to be creative with your imagination. Why not?